Thursday, February 18, 2010

Very Good Expensive Cameras I Want To Buy A Camcorder Or Digital Camera That Is Good But Not Very Expensive. Any Ideas Or Advice?

I want to buy a camcorder or digital camera that is good but not very expensive. Any ideas or advice? - very good expensive cameras

I want to buy either a digital camera or camcorder (paying) more attention to the video camera. I want a good, preferably do not want to spend over $ 400.00 in it. Closer to $ 200.00 would be the best. Can you give me some advice on what to buy and why in particular?
Thank you.


sunseeke... said...

I have several video cameras for various purposes, including a $ 2500 Canon GL2. The camera that you use most often, but Panasonic GS39 is a bit I found at Costco "only" $ 239.00. It is a miniDV with all necessary cables and accessories - battery, charger, A / V cable, etc. It's small, rugged and easy, and even a built-in LED light for shooting in darkness or low light. Nice widescreen LCD flipped out, digital photos on an SD card - Wow, this is a camera to have fun! I highly recommend it.

mabania :O said...

Well, the Sony very expensive! to get that with additional equipment such as a slide show with music, unusual things, unless you spend about 20 minutes so that, at the sample in a small camera ..

I have a Sony, but some photos do not turn around for good: /

Kodak is nice, but they are bulky

Canon is very good - I have not tried to Olympus, but I heard it a camera under water? strange there?

and fees, as if the images of fast, which is very good .. not the typical cliches, such as Sony does not ..

I know .. You may need to conduct some research, depending on how likely that you have your camera ..

Digital cameras can also record video cameras, no EmbarHe does not take you pictures .. Well, I hope HELPDIR =]

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