Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowmobile Skidoo Crankshaft Rebuild Skidoo Snowmobile Identification?

Skidoo snowmobile identification? - snowmobile skidoo crankshaft rebuild

I have a 1986 Skidoo snowmobile. Single cylinder, air cooled, electric start. The lid is white, but no identification stickers are on the sled. The day will be in the tunnel and the model number 3211th Could I find the model number in letters of 1982 and after 1990, but nothing in between. Who knows how this model or if the credentials could be found in the model.


Linda R said...

Well, most of Ski-Doo, with a single cylinder, air-cooled engine, either at Elan, Blizzard, Olyimpque and Nordic. On the cover to be white, I wonder if someone painted white at one time or another. Maybe. What we can do is Google Images (or even go, then each site has a search engine for images), and type in 1986, Ski-Doo. You should see a few pictures Ski-Doos, which is similar to yours. In addition, you can contact your local Ski-Doo, and ask them for identification, the Ski-Doo.

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