Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sixtyforce Pokemon Snap Working Version Of Pokemon Snap Rom?

Working Version of Pokemon Snap Rom? - sixtyforce pokemon snap

I play N64 on my computer recently, but can not find a working version of Pokemon Snap. I use a Mac that is appropriate and with the emulator "sixtyforce. When I try to play I can not move the camera or viewing photos and idiocy, I have to play (they argue) and black frame. I was wondering if anyone knew a site online that I would be a working version. I have tried all the big names, as are the Roma, Gypsies and fresh NGemu free but all but Glitchy. If someone can link me to a webpage, or send me a working version of the ROM, I would like. If you asked me who want to send the file directly to my email address is Thanks a bunch!


C2K2 said...

I do not think the problem lies in the ROM. Sound with the emulator. I use the Project64 emulator and specify a help file, what's wrong with this ROM, and if he does not play or in the emulator. In Pokémon Snap, the problems are not in a position to be the photos at the end of the tour to see, and I told them that no Pokemon in one of the photos.

Not sure about but sixtyforce I can play Zelda: Majora's Mask all the way with Project64. I do not know if they do not have a Mac version, though. Better try a different emulator better.

Anonymous said...

I think it is because the emulator working with it some confusion and configure the graphics when you copy the plugin framebuffer to select something, and you can select below to see your photos, but the game is very slow. For now we have to wait for a better N64 emulator.

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