Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Closed Cervix In Young Adults I Am 33yrs Old Now Had My Tubes Tide At 28. I Want To Know If Anyone Else Is Going Through This Too?

I am 33yrs old now had my tubes tide at 28. I want to know if anyone else is going through this too? - closed cervix in young adults

I took the pill for 3 months of my adult life when I 19years old and the rest of the time I used a condom or any other form of contraception. I thought my link was the best pipes ever, when I was 28 years after the birth to 4 children who have been made. Well, since I had my tubes were highly acidic vaginal secretions is periods of 7-8 days after heavy towel soaked in an hour, very tired, I think of my time, never before this anger and Moody, unexplained bleeding, if I 'm not once in the vicinity of my time, it is not menstrual blood, it was just a regular blood? Pain in the neck when it comes to sex, I recently had a group of hair loss at an alarming rate, and most of the concerns of all loss of sexual desire andI had an appetite very, very healthy for sex when he was my husband. He just dropped the rock when I was 30.
I will not say because I took pills before the procedure because I only had the pill for 3 months if I am 19years old I did not know how the site was affected when condoms was my form of birth control from there. I'm only 33, where my libido goes after 30 years, only to lose the urge for young people, and I do not mean the weight is very tough, long-term diet and exercise liter.
Is there anyone out there's going through this? I've done children, but I think with my tubes tied? Do you think that my body back to normal? Will I be through early menopause the time that the tubes are connected?


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