Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Poo When Preg Hi Ya Im 36 Weeks And 3 Days Preg?

Hi ya im 36 weeks and 3 days preg? - more poo when preg

I blow a lot of pain in the ass and if you use the toilet 4 to poo, but the hard or soft also tired of menstrual cramps I had last night, but was arrested overnight, but in also today began nesting omg im sure he will be here soon, we all feel that pain in a bum pressure Any1

I also measured 3 weeks Infront


susie x ♥♥♥ said...

As your body prepares for the birth and the child begins to fall into the correct position, with parts of its interior. It may well be supported in their guts at the moment. Ask the nurse if you really do care. Good luck with the birth of Hunny.

Magz said...

Looks like you're about to meet their child at any time. The pain you experience sounds like the early stages of labor. If you are at all concerned about the pain or the health of your child, contact your midwife for a chat.

Good luck.

thepoet said...

Hunny work

frankyba... said...

I measured a little over 2 weeks with my first and it was 2 ½ weeks .. top .. .. You have to be on my work, the first symptoms are pain (not relieved by analgesics), and then the pain is like period pains - but more Defo looks like its working hours for the contractions to call the midwife. x

Smurfett... said...

I would say not for long. Your baby moves down, apparently willing to learn his mother! I hope that everything goes well, your hun, xx

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