Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sanyo Lcd Reviews In Need Of A Good LCD Tv Brand.?

In need of a good LCD tv brand.? - sanyo lcd reviews

Because my mother wants the family a new TV, and he knows very little about them, and I know enough to namedrop and PriceDrop haha.

He had, we are looking for a 46 + TV, no plasma and a limit of $ 1,100 (a little more would not hurt)

We were getting a Vizio, we have only heard good reviews on your TV, but as a new brand, I wanted more, and learned that their customer support and warranty program is absolutely horrible.

When it came to quality, multiple sources tell me that Sony, Sharp and LG are the best brands out there keep, but to Sharp Aquos. LG and AQUOS proved too expensive for what we wanted. So we see at Sony.

On Bestbuy.com, we found a Bravia 52 "Sony for 1100th specifications are 1080p, 60Hz. I'm not sure what they are, but if they try to sound, no problem for us. Small living room, and a system already there is anyway haha.

So my question. Has anyone out there, the brand of TV, LCD-white, has a goodHave broken TV in 1100, which is bundled with a great warranty company, and not in 3 months I hear a lot of small companies (RCA, Sanyo) to appear.


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