Saturday, February 13, 2010

How To Get My Alt Codes To Show Up Can Someone Show Me How To Get The Cursive Letters Using The Alt Codes?

Can someone show me how to get the cursive letters using the Alt codes? - how to get my alt codes to show up

I would like to know that my name will appear in MSN. I have tried to use it CharMap and I thought, and everything, but I show the keyboard shortcut.
"Thank you.
Oh, and I also love that you show me how to get the mirror, the letters photographed.
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Hickmani... said...

If you lead the table of characters (which is integrated into Windows), you can see all the characters available to any particular source, they will say you are creating old code to the character, and you can copy directly from this window if you are so inclined. Unfortunately, letters, italics, and "return" are not available in many standard fonts (eg Arial, Times, etc..)

To run the character map, click Start, click Run, and type the text field "charmap"
Or you can find in the All Programs menu, Accessories -> System Tools.

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