Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Should Cervical Mucus Look Like Before Period Cervical Mucus Question?

Cervical mucus question? - what should cervical mucus look like before period

Under the assumption that I'm pregnant *, what should / could my cervical mucus is similar to a few days before my period should start?


Malina said...

It could be, as a rule. May appear as a thick mucus, ovulation, the consistency of egg whites and can be transparent, white and fibrous. You can not experience a change in her cervical mucus.

Martini5 said...

Flow as a protein.

Mrs W said...

Your CM may be white, egg, yellow, or even if you are pregnant. It is hard to say, it is from woman to woman. You can not even notice a change.

Good luck!

BrandyS0... said...

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Christin... said...

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