Thursday, February 4, 2010

Transfer Boat Licence, Ontario Buying A Boat Need Help With Official Transfer Stuff?

Buying a boat need help with official transfer stuff? - transfer boat licence, ontario

The purchase of a boat with 3 friends of an older, in possession of the boat, as long as the sale of the 1st.

This is the first time any of us make a purchase like this, and I know what I'm doing, and complete if everything goes well.

It is the signature of a contract and the four of us in this endeavor. the title he has, but we have to take the title from him, then ask for a new one or go to the DMV to transfer the ownership of the?

Can a title transfer of four persons, or a holding of four must be in their name.

Is there a way to co-owner of the boat?

I have not much time to find help for a few days is welcome, and we live in New York, the boat is in a state that we have the heart net.

This means that the sale unofficially? only that we are using X-dollars for the four people who signed it sold?

It does not demand too much money around the 4k between us four. It appears to be an old reliable.

Thank you a wholeD What we know and do?


Orion said...

You have the seller sign the back of the title and send it to you. Then you need to get a new title. A sales contract must be the selling price. If this is a follower of the list price for the boat and trailer separated, because the taxes are different.

You can talk to someone at the DMV or advice on how to create a title for 4 people, too.

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