Monday, February 1, 2010

Photoshop For Mac Blogspot What Is The Best Adobe Photoshop For Mac And Myspace?

What is the best adobe photoshop for mac and myspace? - photoshop for mac blogspot

Ok, I must have a myspace, and I take lots of pictures and some who want to edit a few of them and I am a Mac Adobe Photoshop for this, thank you so certain things and cheap. in the range of $ 100 to $ 300


Ash said...

Your price range and you want to use Adobe Photoshop Elements. I found this version is like $ 149 and includes first ... where we also make movies.


Elements is a simple photo manipulation. Compared with Photoshop CS3 Extended for $ 999 and you will thank me.

I am a designer and CS3 every day, but my mother with objects in the house and is for normal everyday use (eg, sufficient, you do not create their own daily typography, this is not the point of a program that many functions I never use)

BTW, there CS9.


butterfl... said...

I love the version of Photoshop CS2 .... Well, I mean one years, but last year .... at Christmas a gift that includes all the Adobe programs Not all pretty cool! I know that if you are buying more mud. However, selling on eBay or from school too cheap or good range.

Ryan said...

If the student can be relatively cheap Photoshop, which means at least for Photoshop CS9. If you are free programs, there are a few of them that Photoshop and costs nothing to emulate, but only an image free software from Google. Even if you have a camera that usually comes with Kodak EasyShare software, which did not play terrible, fair and easy maintenance of the photos.

hollie23... said...

I am a graphic design student and I personally think that CS3 is better, especially in the U, a Mac i dont know if ur a student or have not, but if u take UR student ID to the store with you (apple) and u get really big discount, I have more than 60% reduction, Hope this helps

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