Friday, February 19, 2010

Index Of Gilrs Jpg Need Some Style Help! Gilrs Need Some Help?

Need some style help! gilrs need some help? - index of gilrs jpg

I am a man of 19 years is the 20th May, but people say I look APPROXIMATELY 17 TO 18 clock. I need help on the kind of clothes they should receive. I try to do more about the nature of the preppy look, but I want it to look good on me. My eyes are blue and green, I weigh about 145 pounds, brown hair and an athletic body. Because I live in Wisconsin, i need more things like jeans and sweaters. If you could me an idea of what kind of style that you in the dress, as that would be great.

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fdmeagan said...

In any case, look younger.

Do not wear T-shirts or jerseys to school.
College / Professional T-shirts, sweatshirts better.

Hollister continues to attract more girls.
But the fact that you look younger in bulk.

Jacq said...

-Stay away from high-waisted jeans and white sneakers.
-If you have a thin legs, stay away from shorts with socks and sneakers - away from the ultra --
"If your hair is curly, hold short.
-Go to the gym and lift weights to improve the upper body - help, such as hanging clothes on the body.
- Polish look good on most guys
"No Sting in good quality clothing in neutral colors (2 weeks dollars) - this allows you to mix and match the beauty, feel and last.
- Is ZARA For the men in your area? - The Spanish clothing company remains at the forefront of development and quality. They talk to the sales representative. on how to mix and match to see their seasonal catalogs or online purchases.
- A good pair of shoes is usually expensive (no points) andSneakers (preferred Adidas) speaks volumes.
-And finally, relax - and the work of the charm!

anna said...

Hmm .. have a place in Wisconsin?

imashley... said...

it is really not smart, but ZUMIEZ is the hottest man, I think. masked and are impressive.

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