Monday, January 4, 2010

Used Pontoon Boat Seats Can PVC Pipe Be Used As Additional Floating For Pontoon Boats? I Refer To The One Seat Er Types.?

Can PVC pipe be used as additional floating for pontoon boats? I refer to the one seat er types.? - used pontoon boat seats

Looking for more flotation ability to add more weight if I can put a traction motor on the platform, and the protection of fish in Lake Station I fish, I think, 6, all 8 to 10 feet OOOOOO tubes tied so the cap and ends . Ideas?


ricsuduk... said...

Good work. The lids shall be securely closed - and filling tubes of foam is good for the rigidity and safety, when the pipe cracks or hidden

Make sure they are securely attached, or terminals.

Performance can be majestic to say that you will find the changes slowly to the boat and make it easy to answer.

Good luck.

Woody said...

This work was probably depends on the diameter and wall thickness of the tubes. Inflation has to do with weight and quantity of air inside.You might consider a small drum (25 gallons. Or something like that) or a tube of truck interior to inflate or deflate.

To test the theory of tubes, a platform 5 footers, weight measured to see what it will plunge into the lake.

Depending on the diameter, you can only have 1 or 2 instead of 6th Good luck.

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