Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garden Shoes I'm Having A Garden Wedding And Im Puzzled On Shoes.?

I'm having a garden wedding and im puzzled on shoes.? - garden shoes

I have a garden wedding, then I realize that the healing be a mistake because it would simply fall into the ground, but I've never been married a few floors very much. Has anyone been in and solve this problem? Does anyone know where the flat shoes?


ScruffyP... said...

Sparkly flats or washers not drown in the grass. You are still on and like a princess!

CAT1974 said...

I had a garden wedding and is still wearing heels. When I decided that I was cautious, those who have too much control of them to choose. They were a bit stronger and not sink into the grass / soil at all.

But if it do not work for you, why not consider sandals with fixed rate as a conclusion on the ground.

~Steph~... said...

When people go and say, barefoot. Otherwise, why not check out Payless. They are affordable and very cute wedges and flats. Good luck!

Amanda T said...

Me and my Hubbe is barefoot. Both hate to wear shoes is what is best for us ..
Why not stop, white flip-flops?

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