Sunday, January 3, 2010

Homemade Flea Trap Home Made Flea Trap Question. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!?

Home made flea trap question. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!? - homemade flea trap

OK, there were a few new roommates move in our house this month and brought their dog fleas with them. We are located at Code Red, with fries. This is a total epidemic. So Yesterday declared total war on these terrible creatures, and I bombed my house with 6 pumps of pesticides and then suck in the whole house, and I wash all bed linens and warm. I read that you are online trap chips with a container with water and soap and put a light on homemade can. Anyone who has experience with what I have some questions.

1) The instructions said I read that fleas are attracted by heat and light bulb. Could a fluorescence? I have one, which could be used, but almost no heat.
2) The instructions recommend 1 / 4 inches give soapy water into the bowl. Is it okay if I filled to the brim, or should give a bit?
3) To what extent should the light of the trophy for the best results?
4) Can this work?



Karen said...

The best I found for fleas is 20 Mule Team Borax. It is in the laundry. Then spread on the floor or carpet with a broom to sweep the carpet, draw a couple of days and let soak. Kills fleas and eggs.

When I was a house I lived with 3 dogs. We stand for the walk-thru after 5 weeks and not on all chips. The owner was completely surprised.

I've also used when we moved into the house 100 years. There were small insects that bite into the carpet and after the application of the mule team, they're gone!

Try it! I think it will pass on the secret to others, too.


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