Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hysterectomy Support I'm 36 And Was Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer. After Radiation & Chemo I'll Be Having A Radical Hysterectomy?

I'm 36 and was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. After Radiation & Chemo I'll be having a Radical Hysterectomy? - hysterectomy support

I would like from people who were there and hear their personal experiences.
Similar to how you prepare mentally to the problems encountered are that, what he has done to their pain, pain relief, etc., that you things you have purchased enormously helpful. How to remain the hospital. Support sites, groups, etc. .. Everything that you would share that useful to think. Thank you.


Memere RN/BA said...

When I was 35, had an urgent need for a radical hysterectomy. Do not know why, but I have not had time to prepare. I have a wonderful man who helped me through it. The doctor said it was painless to the hospital and outside. Your doctor will give you painkillers disadvantages. Her hospital stay was wonderful, if you can believe that the nurses were so good. Understanding of my situation and was never spoken a harsh word or no one treated me like an idiot. I was a nurse at the time. Just to clarify. Support? I had a lot of family, church, and my doctor has never been involved in the group because they needed him. When I am depressed because I knew I could not have more children, should my doctor over the phone with me the entire time. To be honest, I had 4 children. I do not know if you have kids. Not bad, really. The pain lasted about 2 weeks at home, but with medication for pain, I was very good. It can not be a bit painful, of course, and let people wait on you. Do not be afraid to ask for help. His true friends wIll more than willing to cook for you, help with the housework or child, if necessary. I hope that you will be the support I've received. I can not say anything bad about the attention I get. I wish him good luck and God bless. I know what you are through, but a positive attitude, knowing that there is no alternative, and if he accepts, he will do well. If you need to talk, I will happy to assist you. I will be there for you if you need me.

Lily L said...

I have only one recommendation:

Go to the Board of cancer of the cervix, uterus and ovaries.

There are women who are not so nice and supportive, and check the notice board every day!

Peter M said...

You can not answer the question hihocher just wanted to say best wishes for a good result. My prayers are with you.

Peter M said...

You can not answer the question hihocher just wanted to say best wishes for a good result. My prayers are with you.

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