Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Dog Fence What Is The Best Way To Stop A Dog From Jumping The Fence ?

What is the best way to stop a dog from jumping the fence ? - best dog fence

I have a big wall and a big dog! Annoying the hell out of me!


bjvettec... said...

What breed of dog? And how high is the fence? Some breeds are easily the fences as high as 6 meters. Some solutions:
Make the fence higher
Place the feet or so over the fence into the membrane, or even at speeds up to 90 degrees and has defined a lip about it. Makes it difficult for the dog to jump.
Have the dog, the dog jump or climb the fence? If your rock-climbing, try the plastic for something like this to keep the dog in order to gain a foothold.
Good luck!

EDIT: The electric fence is a good idea to put the dog outside and be hit by a car. Mix It should be received in May last, and not harmful at all for the dog. The product is generally in Australia, with great success. Although costly to develop, it is worth, and the dog needs only one or two days to understand before zapping.

Aristes said...

If he is a refugee, which limits their access to the fence can be your only option.
We had a German shepherd, who is the fence for his collar. He struck the animal shelter two or three times a month for four years.
Finally broke down and caused a car and a great advantage that they go to the yard, but not from the spot near the fence.

You can also use a runway covered dog if you can not see religious. Although we always recommend that you watch your dog, how realistic if the lapdogs they are very small.

Classy said...

Go to a pet shop and get a fence, the subway runs under the ground and a shock collar. The series about a foot in the fence so your dog is not able to reach closure. I do not know whether it is an appalling that until the dog is returned to the court. I suggest always one of them, because a fence to overcome back, and I think it's a torture juice. The surprise was not after a certain height above the ground, so they say, where it unloaded before the dog reaches the barrier say work, because if it is right to prevent against the fence, the fence and jump to the collision. It takes time and effort to train the dog through the fence. Comes with instructions on dog training. Follow the instructions and the fence is very human. I think the best choice. The collar gives a warning beep before the dog reaches the end of the noise and vibration of the dog when he crossed the line.

larryyin... said...

The people hate, but you can be buried electronic fence that rings when he gets too close. Once you connect the sound and the final shock that comes with it when it is buried on the line ... Learn. I have never this service (no problems so far, crossing) of the finger, but I have seen, work very well. With the little experience I in this, I know you do not want to skimp on a cheap, if you choose, it's how you want to go.

Chihuahu... said...

A Runnn is a piece of the coil, which is connected from your house like a tree, or whatever, and their dogs go in the chain. The dog will have plenty of space, but also run over the fence.

becca said...

in livestock housing. (:

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