Thursday, January 7, 2010

Buy Exotic Birds In Chicago How Can I Simulate Exotic Bird Feathers (w/ Paper, Fabric, Etc) Without Actually Buying Any?

How can I simulate exotic bird feathers (w/ paper, fabric, etc) without actually buying any? - buy exotic birds in chicago

I am working on a sculpture and I will have to more than 500 springs of imitation. I wanted to at least three different species, of which a fake peacock feathers. However, say that while many false springs not only practical (they are incredibly expensive!).

Is there any way I could find him the realistic "feathers" made of paper, cloth or other material other cheapish?


Wylie Coyote said...

Get a copy of the spring. To sit and watch. The feeling again. Glue sticks and goose feathers, carpet, fabric (silk screen printing color double). Take a walk with them.

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