Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Title Insurance Certification I Need Help With Clarification Of Condo Owner Title Insurance Policy?

I need help with clarification of condo owner title insurance policy? - title insurance certification

Hello - I read all the posts and have learned a lot. Some of the answers led to more questions for me and I would welcome any help to clarify.

I own a condo in MA and have owned for 2 1 / 2 years.
If the insured securities, its own investigations, or use a site map for the club made? What plan? That, say in my unit first winner sold in writing and is not written correctly, even if it is a certification of architects.

The map shows not a relief that I heard that there is a local company. Does the diploma on my own?

All documents are innacurate condominiums including size of units and percentages, and do not follow the requirements of the MA condominium law, during and after my sale, it is a matter of degree? Is there a warranty on my desk that the company pay me?
I'm so tired of all this.If problems had learned in advance, I would have never bought you here.thanks.


mbrcatz said...

Title insurance is described only for the possession of property - the title is written as in your community. This is not a poll.

The easements are on most properties and will not affect his title. The unit size is not a question of degree. You do not get the money "if the size is different from the company.

Everything is happening really is whether a former owner comes and says: Hey! This person has no such property, after all, since the transfer of 18 years has been falsified document to transfer! Or something like that.

acermill said...

They have many questions here, and unfortunately, the vast majority is not covered by your title insurance. To put it bluntly, it refers only to title insurance matters, or cloud on the title to real estate. Therefore, as the company had nothing to do with a lack of precision in terms of floor plans. If the easement was part of his title when buying, there is nothing more than that for which there is no cover.

The nature of these questions leads me to believe that you are approaching from the wrong source resolution. It seems that the developers themselves, but not certain laws, etc.

Litigation would be against the developer, not the business title. Again, the only company to receive the title makes clear, it was appropriate. All these issues will be resolved and the developer.

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