Friday, January 22, 2010

Mini Tape Recorder I Use A Mini Casette Recorder To Record Lectures In Class And The Cassette Tape Ripped. How Do I Fix It?

I use a mini casette recorder to record lectures in class and the cassette tape ripped. How do I fix it? - mini tape recorder

I really need to listen to the conference on the tape, bin in order to exam stress, and now that the tape was broken demolished (I) can not be used. I know there must be a quick solution. Who knows how?


kristy said...

They can be repaired it with duct tape. I certainly do not know if you still have all your data, but can move quickly, maybe a little. What bands are also in the stationery stores, which are not very expensive.

spunkymu... said...

Overlapping band in the band enough for the band with tape. try to be keeping it flat and smooth as possible.

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