Monday, December 28, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Removal Numbness Facial Numbness After Wisdom Teeth Removal.?

Facial Numbness after wisdom teeth removal.? - wisdom teeth removal numbness

So I had my wisdom teeth removed 15th April. The operation was a little different, but I went anestethia general lower teeth were affected in my breasts and had cysts around them.
My doctor told me that if I had the teeth in the upper right hand stretched the nerve in the upper lip to get to where the tooth, my right upper lip is still numb on the cheek under my lines still slightly swollen and numb and it hurts , brush my teeth on this page. Sometimes I feel that my vision blurred a bit too short.
My doctor told me that it can heal up to a year, I trust him, but I've also heard that the nerve damage may be damaged and never heal.
How long does it usually cure for these things? Is it normal for my cheeks swollen a little? and my vision? is that damage to the nerves? and why are my teeth if I brush the pain?
Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!


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