Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Upconverting Technology Which Brand Uses The Best HD Upconverting Technology (upto 1080p) Among The Following - Samsung, Philips Sony?

Which brand uses the best HD upconverting technology (upto 1080p) among the following - Samsung, Philips Sony? - best upconverting technology

I am slowing 32 "HD Ready (1368x720 native resolution) LCD TV. Now I want to buy a home theater system with DVD upscaling to HD Photo. We can not on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD make HTS my budget INR 20,000 / -. Even though I heard some HD DVD player offers upscaling of poor quality when viewed on high definition screens. With your experience, please suggest the best brand of DVD movie house in the system that my budget of Rs 20000 / - and also fits with the best features HD upconversion. I shortlisted 3 brands in India for my final decision ... Samsung, Philips, Sony ... You can suggest other brands ....


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