Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drivers License Templates Where Can I Find A Template Of A California Or South Carolina Driver's License For Novelty Purposes??

Where can I find a template of a California or South Carolina driver's license for novelty purposes?? - drivers license templates

I try to make a fake driving license for two dogs from a friend for her birthday. I do not need, just like the real license, but perhaps something would be good with the logo of the state on the back, and a similar trend. I have a few companies to see the license for pets, but I have the problem with them that there is no room to add a short message is available. I have limited things like "Maniac tennis ball" or "cookies until they cease to bark!" In a red ground, and a happy birthday message on the back, and the businesses down there can not be that way. So I am trying to find a model for me. I have some experience with digital art and should not be an exact copy. Not so go buy this beer in your lab with her = P. Anyone who can offer help, would be very grateful!


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