Friday, December 11, 2009

Chronic Gastritis More Condition_symptoms What Is The Role Of Helicobacter Pylori In Chronic Gastritis?

What is the role of Helicobacter pylori in chronic gastritis? - chronic gastritis more condition_symptoms

H pylori is a bacterium that lives in the middle of the lining of the abdominal muscles and is not transmitted by feces, for example, is a food handlers do not wash the bath and the range of their hands thoroughly after handling food and give it to a customers or those who choose the food. Between the lining of the stomach muscles to protect against the acid in the stomach of the file. Now cause the ulcers that Doe ulcer bleeding can be the treatment is effective treatment is a drug called helodac from a combination of antibiotics for two weeks without a single dose must be taken is. The drug is presented in a map of sixteen pills in the morning, midday, evening and night, four pills at a time, four times a day for two weeks. the drug is effective and free you from bacteria, but depending on the seriousness of taking Prilosec for ulcers, gastritis, or, in some cases not. helidac ulcer treatment and healing will be prevented from returning for a year or more. Yearss I was told I would have H. pylori and I thought, oh lord the end of the world, but this was not the case: As I said at the outset will be transmitted through fecal matter, if you eat restaurant or if they be avoided elsewhere, to respect their diet, or eat from.So hpylori to your question is answered cause of gastritis, ulcers of the stomach acids cause, once you are done, how the medication prescribed to cure ulcers are almost normal . More information Google H pylori and there are a variety of information. Good luck .... My brother and his doctor took him to a different type of medication does not work when I told him about the therapy helidac about her doctor and was prescribed and he also returned to normal


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