Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Side Effects Of Sweet & Low When Getting Off Birth Control Can You Start Having Side Effects?

When getting off birth control can you start having side effects? - side effects of sweet & low

I take the pill to control my periods and most of my friends told me that you begin to want to gain weight. I does not increase when I turn, but was suddenly no longer among them and hard to get my period, with cramps and now I want food, especially sweets. I know I'm pregnant, because I am still a virgin. Who knows what's going on?


gabbygir... said...

If you are on the pill, then it is really Period. You will be withdrawal bleeding from estrogen. So if you go off the pill, the cycle is again a real menstrual cycle and, therefore, when hormonal fluctuations and desires. It is perfectly normal.

jenny said...

When I stopped my period Birth control has become much heavier and not as regularly as they were when I was in them. I always ask for candy esp. Chocolate at the time of the month. I think I heard somewhere that chocolate releases endorphins in the brain contribute to the pain of colic period. It may take several months, but eventually normalize his body.

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